Pro Mailing Systems - The Mailing Experts

Pro Mailing Systems is Southern Utah's mailing service. We process your advertisements, flyers, and newsletters at discounted prices over First Class mail.

Standard Mail is a cost-efficient way to communicate with your customers. The work sharing discounts offered by the United States Postal Service provides substantial savings over the cost of First-Class Mail.

Presorted Standard Mail mailing may suit your needs if you know your customer database is up to date. Standard mail is neither forwarded or returned.

Also, Standard Mail is not as weight-sensitive as First-Class Mail. Instead of paying by the ounce, you can mail up to 3.3 ounces for the same postage. If your organization qualifies for nonprofit rates, you can save even more.

Pro Mailing Systems is located in St. George UT and we can process mail for all places in the United States.

Mail piece design is the starting point for a productive mailing. USPS standards are constantly changing for machineable and manual mail pieces. Automated or barcode mailings help speed your standard (or bulk) mail pieces through the USPS system almost as fast as first class mail.

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